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Faith-Led and Person-First

Our offerings were born out of needs in the community and we’re proud to be mission-driven, faith-led and committed to older adults. Founded in 1962, we were inspired by the dream of our loved ones aging with dignity. Alongside a group of area churches, our founders purchased property in Lincoln, IL, where, in 1965, they opened a skilled nursing community, the area’s first in a 50-mile radius. One of our first board members credited prayer, faith, thought, commitment, work, unity vision and more prayer to the success of the community—principles we continue to lean on throughout our history.

Today, we’re proud to have extended our reach through faith-led service across the Midwest. We proudly serve older adults of all faiths and denominations through innovative and intuitive offerings.

Christian Horizons offerings include a portfolio of seven life plan campuses and five stand-alone older adult communities offering a mix of independent, assisted and supportive living; memory support; long-term healthcare centers and short-term rehabilitation. We also serve older adults through Safe Haven Hospice in central Illinois; Senior Care Pharmacy Services; and New Horizons PACE® (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) in St. Louis, Mo.

Our Mission

Christian Horizons empowers older adults in mind, body and spirit through faith-led service.

Our Vision

We envision people thriving in mind, body and spirit.

Our F.A.I.TH.-Led Values

Fun – We foster personalized experiences filled with joy for those we serve.
Appreciation – We celebrate God’s distinctive gifts of talent, wisdom and beauty in every individual.
Inspiration – We lovingly share Christ’s truth with others.
Transparency – We work with openness and accountability.
Heart – We serve with passion.

Faith-Led and Person First

We are proud to part of Christian Horizons, a faith-led, person-first organization. The needs of those we serve are always at the forefront and instead of answering to stakeholders, our profits are reinvested directly into our campus and services for improved programming, continued renovations, upkeep, fair wages for associates and peace of mind that we’ll always do the right thing for those we serve.

We serve and employ people of all faiths and denominations with innovative and intuitive offerings that empower older adults in mind, body and spirit.

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