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At Christian Horizons, we take pride in our mission to enrich the lives of older adults in mind, body, and spirit through service guided by faith. Rooted in our steadfast commitment, we prioritize people above all else, offering impactful employment opportunities that make a real difference for those we serve, while nurturing our dedicated team every step of the way.

As part of the Christian Horizons family, you’ll encounter a diverse array of roles, flexible arrangements, and comprehensive benefits, paving the way for career growth and fulfillment.

Our associates form the cornerstone of our community, fostering deep connections with residents and colleagues alike, providing unwavering support through life’s highs and lows with compassion and joy.

We’re actively seeking talented individuals to join us on this meaningful journey. Whether you’re a nurse, caregiver, culinary expert, therapist, administrator, or possess other valuable skills, there’s a place for you at Christian Horizons.

Explore our opportunities:

  • Care Providers: Including registered nurses (RNs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), therapists, pharmacists, and more.
  • Support Services: From transportation and culinary arts to housekeeping, a diverse range of associates ensures residents receive comprehensive support.
  • Resident Experience: Experts dedicated to enhancing the daily lives of older adults and their families, assisting in finding new homes and facilitating enriching activities.
  • Home Office and Executive Positions: Associates committed to upholding our mission by providing strategic support to older adults and our community.

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Our Mission Christian Horizons empowers older adults in mind, body and spirit through faith-led service.

Our Vision We envision people thriving in mind, body and spirit.

Our F.A.I.T.H. Led Values

  • Fun – We foster personalized experiences filled with joy for those we serve.
  • Appreciation – We celebrate God’s distinctive gifts of talent, wisdom and beauty in every individual.
  • Inspiration – We lovingly share Christ’s truth with others.
  • Transparency – We work with openness and accountability.
  • Heart – We serve with passion.