The following is an excerpt from the Christian Horizons’ fiscal year 2022 annual report. Click here to read the full report.

Chuck Schmitz, Chief Financial Officer

Coming together in service to older adults begins with financial stewardship. As Christian Horizons’ chief financial officer, my work is to fully understand the financial aspects of the services we provide while staying abreast of industry trends and outlooks.

Over the last decade, with the onset of Baby Boomer retirees and more recently, a global health crisis, the industry has been in an unprecedented state of transition. We’ve seen many providers in the geographical areas we serve shutter their doors, unable to weather the storm and keep up with the changes in older adult needs, federal and state regulations, and increased need for safety and equipment. That’s why financial stewardship is more important than ever.

Our commitment is to be in service to older adults for decades to come. Financial stewardship is central to that. This fiscal year, we’ve taken a close look at the day-to-day to ensure we’re well positioned to adapt to the changing industry—from a strategic look at our services on every Christian Horizons campus to better meeting the needs of our most generous supporters.

A centralized foundation was one of the major initiatives taken on by our team in this last fiscal year. As a nonprofit, faith-led organization, we know that in our mission, we must honor those who walk alongside us in volunteer service, prayer and generous financial donations. We don’t take these gifts lightly. These acts of generosity honor those of our founders – community members whose leadership and generosity made us the organization we are today.

Our team worked behind the scenes in creating a centralized Christian Horizons Foundation, a 501c3 that will support all administrative functions of financial gifts starting July 2022. The centralized foundation does not change how gifts are used. Donation will still directly benefit communities and services of choice. In fact, gifts will now go even further as the centralized foundation streamlines bookkeeping and administrative costs to allow community associates to spend more time doing what they do best – serving residents, clients, patients and guests. The change also gives better visibility to our board of directors, who will now take an active role in overseeing un-designated gifts—ensuring they are provided to those communities and services most in need.

Leading a nonprofit organization means always keeping fiscal responsibility at the forefront. It’s our commitment to older adults—being here for years to come.

As a faith-led, person-first organization, Christian Horizons is in service to a mission of empowering older adults in mind, body and spirit through faith-led service. Based in St. Louis, Mo., the organization owns and operates a portfolio of seven life plan campuses and five stand-alone older adult communities offering a mix of independent, assisted and supportive living; memory support; long-term healthcare centers and short-term rehabilitation. The organization also serves older adults through Safe Haven Hospice in central Illinois; Senior Care Pharmacy Services; and New Horizons PACE® (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) in St. Louis, Mo.