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Christian Horizons is proud to be a faith-led nonprofit, 501c3 organization firmly focused on serving older adults. Our generous partners help us continue to expand the reach of our mission throughout the communities we serve.


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Generous donations provide support throughout Christian Horizons’ communities and services.

Resident Care Fund

We are committed to providing quality faith-led care, including those who meet the criteria to be covered under the Medicaid program. Typically, the reimbursement rates under this program are significantly less than the cost of providing care. The Resident Care Fund helps bridge the gap, what we call benevolent care. Gifts to this fund are invested and the interest revenue is used to meet the increased cost of providing excellent services for those entrusted to us.

General Giving Fund

Gifts to the General Giving Fund allow us to continue our reach in service to older adults in all our communities and services. From benevolent care (the difference between Medicaid reimbursements and actual costs of care); to enhanced programming, onsite amenities, capital improvements and more, your gift ensures we can continue to be in service. You are able to designate your gift to the community or service of choice, or give generally to support those services most in need. 

Planned Giving

Leave a lasting legacy with a planned gift to Christian Horizons. Our supportive team is here to assist you with bequests, beneficiary gifts, charitable gift annuities and more.

Associate Assistance Fund

Supports associates when financial challenges arise such as an unexpected illness, accident or unforeseen event. Outside donations and contributions from other associates provide the majority of funding. Our chaplains take the lead in distributing the funds, providing support to those who need it most.

Nurse Scholarship Fund

The Nurse Scholarship Fund gives access to continuing education efforts for nursing associates. This includes certification, continuing education courses and sending associate members to conferences and other educational events. This fund is used to cultivate and train caregivers now and for the future.

Faith-Led and Person First

We are proud to part of Christian Horizons, a faith-led, person-first organization. The needs of those we serve are always at the forefront and instead of answering to stakeholders, our profits are reinvested directly into our campus and services for improved programming, continued renovations, upkeep, fair wages for associates and peace of mind that we’ll always do the right thing for those we serve.

We serve and employ people of all faiths and denominations with innovative and intuitive offerings that empower older adults in mind, body and spirit.

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