CH Foundation

The establishment of the Christian Horizons foundation
aims to broaden our commitment to empowering older adults.
Generous donations provide support throughout Christian Horizons’ communities and services.

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General Giving Fund

Sustains our vital services for older adults across communities. From covering benevolent care to enhancing programs and facilities, your support ensures our continued service. Designate your gift to a specific community or service, or give generally to address pressing needs.

Resident Care Fund

Bridges the gap between Medicaid reimbursements and the actual cost of care. Your contribution helps maintain quality care for residents who rely on our services, ensuring they receive the support they need.

Nurse Scholarship Fund

Empowers nursing associates with access to essential education and training. Your donation supports certification, continuing education, and attendance at conferences, nurturing skilled caregivers for the present and future.

Associate Assistance Fund

Provides financial aid to associates facing unexpected challenges. With donations from both external sources and fellow associates, we offer assistance during times of illness, accidents, or unforeseen circumstances.

Planned Giving Fund

Leave a lasting impact through the Planned Giving Fund. Our team assists you in planning bequests, beneficiary gifts, and charitable annuities, ensuring your legacy supports Christian Horizons’ mission for years to come.