Gifts of a Lifetime

At Christian Horizons, we realize that all people are created in the image of God. And because of this, we know it’s important for our residents to thrive not just physically, but also spiritually, emotionally, and socially. We can't do this without your help.

The cost of Healthcare continues to rise as Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement falls. Your gift enables us to provide for residents and it gives them peace of mind while in our care. 

To bless the residents at The Christian Village, please select a giving opportunity below.

Resident Benevolence

It is our heart’s desire to foster an environment of home for the older adults in our care. We invite you into partnership with The Christian Village, our residents’ home. Your gifts fill in the financial gaps in senior living care. Residents with immediate care needs, the reality of vulnerable government funding, additional PPE, as well as unexpected financial expenses like repairing necessary equipment are a few examples of needs that arise. We are committed to managing our communities with excellence in every situation despite unforeseen necessities. Through your gift, you will be part of our purpose to continue providing a community to call home, keeping us on plan with our mission of honoring God by providing a continuum of excellent care and support services.

Assisted care

Resident Care Fund

Residents come to Christian Horizons having lived an abundant life. Their lives are full of laughter and love, and some heartache and sorrow. They have an entire cast of people who have helped shape and make them who they are today. Your gifts to the Resident Care Fund bridge the gap between what Medicaid pays and the actual cost to provide a continuum of quality, compassionate care. Gifts to this fund are invested and the interest revenue is used to meet the increased cost of providing excellent services for those entrusted to us.

Make a difference in a senior's life today. Your support allows residents to live with peace of mind, in a safe, supportive environment.

Associate Benevolence and Development

To support our people in a time of need, we have established the Associate Benevolence Fund (ABF). The ABF is funded by donors and associates through associate giving. Only associates are eligible to apply for support from the ABF which is managed and administered at each community for disbursement to its associates respectively. Gifts are limited to what is available in the fund. 

Our residents and their families often ask how they can “give back” to those who have made a difference in the care they received. While associates are restricted from accepting gifts directly, when you give to the ABF you ensure assistance is available when there is a need. 

Missional & Pastoral Care

Through educational forums, motivational communication and celebrating ministry milestones we are able to make missional impact on all levels within the ministry - from the Christian Horizons Board of Directors and CEO Leadership Team to local level community administrators, volunteer partners and associates. 

Having a chaplain on staff is an asset to our communities.  Gifts to the chaplain training program will enable dignified pastoral services to residents during their time with us. Our mission to “honor God” is further realized when we support, provide and encourage ongoing leadership training to our team of chaplains across the ministry. 

Grant Me This

Residents have dreams they’d like to live out but at this stage in their life, it may seem impossible. A meal at their favorite restaurant with friends, a trip to visit family, to go fishing or ride a horse and buggy; the list of dreams is endless. Many of these residents do not have the physical or financial ability to make their dreams come true without the help of others. With your help, their dreams are one step closer to coming true. Your generosity can help residents fulfill their dreams, improve their quality of life, their emotional wellbeing and give them memories they can treasure.

Community Projects

Amazing Grace campaigns are designed to raise money for a community budget item or project ranging from $30,000 to $60,000. Examples of items in the past include buses, vans. small scale renovations and furniture for a community in need. 

Capital Campaigns are particularly useful for achieving long term goals. The goal of a capital campaign is to raise money while on a strict time frame. In the past, capital campaigns have resulted in senior accessible automobiles, elevator repairs, expanded buildings and remodels to various areas of our campus in order to allow residents to remain comfortably in our care.

Check back often for upcoming campaigns.

Prefer to give by mail?

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