Associate Benevolence
and Development

Nurse Scholarship Fund

The Nursing Scholarship Fund is used to support the professional development of caregivers now and for the future. This includes certification, continuing education courses and sending nursing staff to conferences and other educational events. Investing in the training and education of our nursing staff directly benefit residents and their families with validation that the nurse caring for them has demonstrated knowledge, skill and clinical judgement.

Your gifts will help us recruit and retain highly qualified nursing staff, provide on-going training to ensure residents and guests receive the highest level of quality care, and allow licensed nurses to reach their career goals.

Associate Benevolence Fund

To support our people in a time of need, we have established the Associate Benevolence Fund (ABF). The ABF is funded by donors and associates through associate giving. Only associates are eligible to apply for support from the ABF which is managed and administered at each community for disbursement to its associates respectively. Gifts are limited to what is available in the fund.

Our residents and their families often ask how they can “give back” to those who have made a difference in the care they received. While associates are restricted from accepting gifts directly, when you give to the ABF you ensure assistance is available when there is a need. 

Your gift is guaranteed to stay local and support community associates. 

Prefer to give by mail?

Download, print and mail your gift to the address listed on the form.

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