Housing with Services

Personalized support and assistance with daily activities. If you’re worried about Mom or Dad getting around, taking medications or living safely on their own, housing with services may offer just the right amount of support.


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Personalized Supportive Services

Christian Horizons offers housing with services to older adults in select communities. Similar to assisted living care, but operating under Indiana’s housing with services distinction, our communities assist residents with what we call activities of daily living—mobility, bathing, connection and more.

We start with an individualized approach and offer personalized support, right where you need it the most. Healthy and delicious meals are included as well as ample opportunities for social enrichment.

The Right Amount of Support

Housing with services offers personalized support, right where you need it the most. See a list of our locations below.

Personalized Support and Peace of Mind for Families

Our communities offer a variety of options to support older adults who need an extra helping hand around the home. Beyond our support plans, we offer strong social enrichment opportunities that proactively combat the negative effects of senior loneliness. Support for seniors, peace of mind for families—that’s the hallmark of our housing with services program.

Just the right amount of support.

Our housing with services program provides just the right amount of support with activities of daily living including mobility, bathing, dressing and more.

Peace of mind for families.

Supporting an aging loved one offers challenges. We believe housing with services eases the stress so you can be a family again. Our faith-led services offer supportive opportunities so families can rest assured their loved ones continue to thrive.
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Housing with Services Resources

Making the decision to explore assisted living isn’t a road to take alone. Our experts are here to help you make the choice that’s right for you and your family. We’ve helped thousands of seniors weigh the options and find the living situation that’s right for their unique situation.


Independence, purposeful opportunities and enrichment. That’s the heart of resident and associate experience at Christian Horizons.

Solving the Caregiver Stress Epidemic

There’s an epidemic sweeping across the country—families and older adults are taking care of their aging loved ones and facing the stress…
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Johnson Christian Village | Bedford, IN

Committed to thriving experiences.

Our faith-led services empower older adults in mind, body and spirit. Our experienced caregivers fully support seniors by living into our mission.

My husband is currently a resident. He loves the staff and they love him. There is definitely a family atmosphere there and his care is wonderful.

Tammy, Family Member

There is definitely a family atmosphere at Johnson Christian Village and care is wonderful.

Jim, Family Member