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Aging in Place May Not Be Right for You

Posted on: Jan 04, 2018

It sounds so warm and fuzzy that most people entering their retirement years say that's exactly what they would like to do. It seems like an easy choice. But it's really one of life's most difficult decisions — and it faces us just when we've earned the right to live as worry-free as possible.

The choice is this: Do you want to "age in place," that is, remain in your home among familiar surroundings; or would it be better to move into an environment that provides the ongoing resources and services you need to live a happy, secure and fulfilling life?

The general belief is this: if you are healthy, active and live near family members, the decision is easy. You should stay put. And today, with aging-in-place services abounding — including everything from in-home health attendants to delivered convenience meals — there really is no good reason to consider changing your living arrangements.

Or is there?

Because everyone is unique, and there are no proven formulas to determine the best course of action, let's take a closer look at nine key factors to consider when deciding if aging in place is right for you.

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