The top thing in the world.

Ruth Fear, who is a skilled nursing resident at Hickory Point said that there's only one thing that's on top in her world, and that's staying connected with family. Ruth said she's been able to stay connect with family by phone calls and they come to her window to visit with her. “They were all here to visit me through my window on Mother’s Day. It is the TOP THING in the WORLD."

Even with social distance restrictions, Ruth continues to enjoy playing BINGO in her doorway. During Nursing Home Week she participated in the festivity celebrating the 20’s. "They put a feather in my hair and took my picture. I am sure they will post my picture on Facebook." 

Ruth has a wonderful spirit and loves to walk down the hallway with Jaylen the CNA, who she says, makes her smile.

"If I could thank one person it would be Jaylen for taking care of me and for being so kind. If I could break the rules and hug someone it would be Shelly, because I miss her. She is kind and cares for you. She has a Personality Plus. I love to color and that lifts my spirit."