Hello, Eighty!

–Bridget Kreutz, Registered Nurse 

As a nurse on our memory care unit at Hoosier Christian Village during this challenging time, my staff and I have done some very uplifting things for our residents and families. One that comes to mind involved the 80th birthday of one of our ladies

The woman’s daughter has always been very active in her mom’s care. But because of the current restrictions on visitors, she was sad because this would be the first birthday she wouldn't be able to pamper her mom. In the past, she would take her mom to get her hair, nails and makeup done and then have a party. I promised her daughter that we would make sure that this birthday would be a special one. 

That Sunday morning after breakfast, my awesome CNAs helped her get dressed in a special outfit she wanted her to wear, which said “Hello Eighty!” I did her makeup and curled her hair. She sat at the window as her family walked up for a “window visit.” We had put up birthday party decorations in her room, which I had bought for the occasion, and the family was so happy. Her daughter began to cry because of how pretty her mom looked and how we made them both feel special. 

I am not going to lie; there were tears from family and staff as well. You can feel the love in a thank you, and it pulls your heartstrings knowing you did something good for someone! Then we had a party (with social distancing), playing music in the hall, singing “Happy Birthday,” and passing out ice cream sundaes to all the residents and staff on memory care.