Grievance Process

A grievance is defined as a complaint, which you can make either verbally or in writing, expressing dissatisfaction with the services provided or the quality of your care.

All grievances will be kept confidential. New Horizons PACE will continue to provide all required services during the grievance process. New Horizons PACE must discuss with and provide the participant in writing the specific steps, including time frames for response, that will be taken to resolve the grievance.

How do I file a Grievance?

Participants are encouraged to use the New Horizons PACE internal grievance process for any concerns. Many times, these concerns can be resolved informally.

However, if your interdisciplinary team is not able to resolve your concern you can file a grievance by following the instructions below. You or your designated representative may file a grievance.

To submit a grievance verbally, simply voice your grievance in person or by telephone to any interdisciplinary team member. Be clear that you would like to use the New Horizons PACE grievance process. To submit your grievance in writing, please ask a New Horizons PACE interdisciplinary team member for assistance completing a New Horizons PACE Grievance Form.

You can mail the grievance to:

New Horizons PACE
Director of Quality and Compliance
5035 Manchester Road
St. Louis, MO 63110

When submitting a grievance be sure to provide complete and accurate information so the appropriate interdisciplinary team members can help resolve the issue in a timely manner.

You can receive a free copy of your records if you believe they will be helpful with your grievance.

You will continue to receive all required services while your grievance is being processed.

What happens next?

Once your grievance has been submitted, your New Horizons PACE interdisciplinary team will provide you written verification of receipt within 5 business days. This verification will be in the form of a signed copy of your New Horizons PACE Grievance Form.

New Horizons PACE staff will then coordinate an investigation to determine solutions and take appropriate action. All information gathered during the investigation will be kept confidential.

Within 30 calendar days of receipt of your grievance the interdisciplinary team will provide a written report describing their investigation. The resolution of the problems and the reason for the resolution to your grievance by giving you a Notice of Grievance Resolution.

If you are not satisfied with the interdisciplinary team’s resolution, you and/or your designated representative have the right to report your grievance to the state administering agency (SAA).

Further Action

New Horizons PACE operates as your MO HealthNet Division benefit provider under the Department of Social Services. MO HealthNet encourages you to bring your grievance to the attention of New Horizons PACE first. After your grievance decision with New Horizons PACE is finalized, if you are not satisfied with the response, you may then submit your grievance to the State of Missouri.

When submitting a grievance to the State of Missouri, provide as much detail as possible including names and contact information, date of the incident(s), location and specific concern(s). The MO Health Net will contact the participant if additional information is needed.

Grievances may be submitted verbally or in writing to:

MO HealthNet Division
615 Howerton Court, 2nd Floor
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Attn: Hearings

Complaint information helps with oversight activities and allows New Horizons PACE the opportunity to improve the quality of care we provide. The State of Missouri will address all complaints that relate to patient rights, quality of care, safety, and infection control. Upon the receipt of the grievance form, the state will send a letter of acknowledgement. They will then determine the appropriate steps necessary to respond to the complaint.

Quality improvement

Our Quality Improvement Program (QIP) team collects, maintains, and analyzes all grievances to identify areas where there is room for growth. This data is used in the ongoing development of performance improvement initiatives to ensure New Horizons PACE participants receive the highest quality care possible.

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