Gratitude Tour kicks off with first stop in Joplin

Christian Horizons Gratitude Tour made its first stop in Joplin, MO, Wednesday, September 2. Joined by Keith Ray, VP of Mission Integration, Barb Shepard, VP of HR, and Karen Larson, VP of Community Operations, Ray Dickison, COO and COVID-19 Task Force Leader passed along deep gratitude to Spring River associates for the work done so far in this pandemic. 

A procession of cars decorated with homemade signs thanking Spring River associates made its way past in front of the community as healthcare workers and residents gathered outside. 

Spring River Christian Village celebrated the recovery of its last COVID+ resident who moved back to their normal living environment on Monday, August 10. Stacey Smith, Executive Director said it was a challenging time to for residents, their families, and the staff.

Dickison said, "We want associate to know how grateful and thankful we are for their hard work, continued dedication and focus as we respond and manage through the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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