Christian Homes ‘Tour of Gratitude’ comes to Lincoln, IL

A large number of vehicles gathered along Postville Drive at the entrance to the main driveway through The Christian Village Wednesday, September 16. The vehicles and their passengers were there to participate in a parade for the residents. It was an excellent day for it and there were several residents who were able to be outside along the parade route, anxious for shout outs from their friends and loved ones driving by.

The parade began with grand marshal Harold Krusemark leading the way in a special golf cart driven by Christian Village staff member Julie King. Behind Krusemark, the vehicles began to slowly traverse the long driveway that ended with a look around in front of the Grace Point Rehab to Home Center.

It was a great parade that offered loved ones an opportunity to see the residents with no fear of coronavirus. For some of the residents, seeing loved ones has been very limited for the last several months, so a chance to speak, wave and smile at the people who mean so much to them was very special.

The parade was part of celebration at the village hosted by the Christian Homes executive staff. At the end of the parade, there were speeches from members of those staff starting with Ray Dickison, Chief Operating Officer. Dickison noted that in Lincoln, the village had only one case of COVID-19, which he felt was remarkable.

He added, “We look forward to working along with you all, staying diligent, staying focused and again, we are just so thankful for everything everyone is doing to stay safe.

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