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New Pathway Home Surpasses Expectations, Mission Continues

Posted on: Jan 16, 2019

In 2017, Christian Horizons took on a mission, with the help of Palal and Charles and Mary Anne Cherry, to build a house in Myanmar that would provide shelter, food, transportation and community for up to 6 widows who were left in poverty after the passing of their husbands. Our Board of Directors spearheaded the mission to raise money for the build. The New Pathway Home was completed in November of 2017 and 6 qualifying widows graciously moved in. What happened next surpassed our expectations and now there is a new mission. 

The Myanmar culture is based on community. What we found is that the women didn’t want their own bedroom, and instead pulled their mattresses into the common area to embrace their new community. In turn, this allowed extra space to invite 6 more widows for a total of 12 women rescued from poverty. While the original mission is complete, our new mission has become equally important: to raise $1,000 a month to help sustain our friends at The New Pathway Home. 

For more occasional updates on The New Pathway Home, visit our Facebook page – Hope on the Horizon. To make a donation and learn more, visit The New Pathway Home donation page. Full sponsorship of one resident for one month is $165, half sponsorship is $85, and a quarter sponsorship is $45. These sponsorships for the 12 residents in our care will help them flourish in their surroundings. Your gifts will take care of our residents’ needs including food, clothing, electricity, caregivers and transportation for medical purposes, giving them access to more care options. I hope you will join us in praying this continued partnership will serve Myanmar’s most vulnerable for many years to come.