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A Tour of Gratitude

Posted on: Sep 02, 2020

Christian Horizons will spend the entire month of September on the road - making stops in communities where its associates live, work and continue to persevere through these difficult times of COVID-19 to say, “Thank you!”

This is a perfect chance to recognize the staff at the community where your senior loved one lives even if it’s not a Christian Horizons (CH) community. These individuals care for the health and well-being of your friend or family member, so why not show you appreciate all their hard work? Here are some great ways to thank your favorite senior community staff members:

Say, "Thank you!"
There is nothing better than simply telling someone you care. If there is a particular nurse or other person who really takes time out of their day to spend time with your senior loved one, tell them thanks. Share why you appreciate what they do, and how much it means to you that they pay special attention to your loved one. The people truly are what makes a place special, and senior community associates are a huge part of the atmosphere!

Write a card
The nice thing about writing out a card is that the recipient can keep it forever as a fun memory. Have your kids make a thank you card, or buy one and write your appreciation to the senior living community where your loved one lives. Cards are great because you can really think about what you're writing. A simple, "Thank you for taking great care of our loved one" will suffice, but feel free to dig deeper and share more. For example, "My dad really loves talking with you every day. You always cheer him up when you come to check on him, and it means the world to our family that you are there. Thank you so much for all that you do. We are so happy knowing that he is being well cared for by people who are professional and kind." 

Send treats
Just about everyone appreciates tasty treats! Send yummy foods to the community where your senior friend or family member lives. 

Help your senior loved one say thanks
Since the senior is the person who interacts with community staff on a daily basis, why not help him or her show gratitude? Make a scrapbook featuring photographs from the activities the senior has attended and enjoyed within the community. Add family photos and any shots you may have with the senior's favorite staffers to really personalize the piece. Then, present it to the community with words of thanks!

Each CH gratitude tour stop features outdoor thank-you events where individuals can join in but maintain safe social distance. Contact your local CH community for tour dates and times.