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Dementia Care in a Minute, “30 Things to do in 30 Seconds or Less”

Posted on: Jun 15, 2020

Socialization and activity remain important for people living with dementia despite the challenges of the COVID 19 environment. Over the next eight weeks Pathway Memory Support at Christian Horizons communities will focus on topics and activities that encourage connection, particularly important during this time of limited family visits and infection control.

This week’s focus is engagement, based on the premise that it can sometimes just take a brief moment to engage in a short activity with a resident that can foster feelings of happiness and success. We know that loneliness and depression are enemies of the brain. We know that activities and engagement reduce dementia related behavior and increase happiness. 

How can we make a difference right now during the pandemic? The answer is to engage in frequent “30 Second (or short) Activities.”

Here are some examples:


Telling a funny story

Taking a short walk outside

Telling some he or she is loved

Asking an opinion about your outfit

Giving a compliment

Blowing a kiss (from six feet away)

Christian Horizons Pathway Memory Support communities are equipped with a list of “30 second activities” where staff is encouraged to initiate as many as they can during the day for one-on-one engagement.

Overtime, these small moments support friendship and quality care, and they add up to hours of one-on-one contact during the year.

David Troxel, MPH, co-author of The Best Friends Approach to Dementia Care and Consultant to Christian Horizons

For a list of 30 Second Activities, many of which you can do at home or in any care setting, contact your local Christian Horizons community.