Socialization and activity remain important for people living with dementia.

Despite the challenges of the COVID 19 environment there are still ways to initiate one-on-one engagement. Over the next eight weeks Pathway Memory Support at Christian Horizons communities will focus on topics and activities that encourage connection, particularly important during this time of limited family visits and infection control. Read more.

David Troxel, MPH, co-author of The Best Friends Approach to Dementia Care and Consultant to Christian Horizons

Helping to promote a meaningful quality of life.

We take pride in providing a safe, carefully structured environment designed to enable those living with memory loss to enjoy a meaningful quality of life. Extensive care has been taken to design a community that focuses on making daily life easier and more manageable.

Memory care is more than just a secure neighborhood. Our highly qualified staff takes pride in enriching our residents' lives by celebrating their abilities. We work with families to get to know their loved ones' special interests and hobbies, so they can be incorporated into a daily activity program.

Couple discussing senior care
Discussing senior options

LinkedSenior Therapy.

We offer an innovative, web-based, HIPAA-compliant dementia and therapy engagement platform. It’s called LinkedSenior, and it provides, person-centered experiences using touch-enabled kiosks linked to the Internet for real-time updates. Residents, staff and families have access to meaningful engagement and stimulation no matter the background of the person or where they are on their physical or cognitive journey.