Christian Horizons services older adults and senior care providers with the latest in pharmacy services. Our expert team prioritizes reliability, accessibility and affordability.

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Expert Pharmacy Services

From staying abreast of the latest trends to drawing on our mission of empowering older adults, we proudly serve seniors with expert pharmacy services. Our nurses and pharmacists supply medication to all Christian Horizons residents and other health providers across the Midwest.

When you become a preferred partner with Senior Care Pharmacy Services, you’ll receive trusted support to your long-term skilled nursing care or assisted living community. We offer the latest in dispensing technology, high accuracy rates, reduced risk of errors and multiple dispensing options. We also have the capacity to integrate with your community’s electronic medical records.

Trusted Partnership

Our home base is in Springfield, IL, and we are proud to partner with long-term care and assisted living providers across the Midwest.

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Amenities and Services Crafted for Partnership and Excellence

Our expert pharmacists specialize in serving rural providers and have reimagined pharmacy offerings to include:

  • Pharmacogenetics to help clinicians better understand how medications interact with a patient’s unique DNA.
  • Parata system that creates state-of-the-art strip packaging clearly labeled for each resident for each day and time.
  • Medication cabinets to provide larger quantities of needed emergency medications to rural providers.
  • Electronic verification of packaging to ensure accuracy.
  • 24/7 accessibility to our team.
  • Daily deliveries, automated cycle filling and 2-4 hour STAT commitment.
  • Competitive Med A and private pay rates. Med D provider to all major carriers.

Committed to Empowering Older Adults

Christian Horizons’ mission is at the heart of Senior Care Pharmacy. We’re here to proudly empower older adults through faith-led service.

Pharmacy Resources

When you become a trusted partner with Senior Care Pharmacy Services, you’ll enjoy personable, reliable and accessible service from our experienced team. We’re proud to be a partner of choice for long-term skilled nursing care and assisted living communities across the Midwest.

Senior Care Pharmacy’s Commitment to Technology

At Senior Care Pharmacy, we’re proudly committed to staying abreast of the latest trends to ensure our service is the most beneficial to older adults and our pharmacy partners.

Senior Care Pharmacy: Personalized Medicine

Target the right medications through personalized medicine! More than 5 billion drug prescriptions were filled in the United States in 2018.

Faith-Led and Person First

We are proud to part of Christian Horizons, a faith-led, person-first organization. The needs of those we serve are always at the forefront and instead of answering to stakeholders, our profits are reinvested directly into our campus and services for improved programming, continued renovations, upkeep, fair wages for associates and peace of mind that we’ll always do the right thing for those we serve.

We serve and employ people of all faiths and denominations with innovative and intuitive offerings that empower older adults in mind, body and spirit.

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