Target the right medications through personalized medicine! More than 5 billion drug prescriptions were filled in the United States in 2018. There’s a good possibility you received at least one of them, but all people are different, so the same medications that work well for some may not work for others.

How Can Personalized Medicine Help Me?
Personalized medicine, a guiding principle at Senior Care Pharmacy, removes the trial and error of prescribing drugs to help your doctor find the right medications based on your own personal genetic information. Using AccessDx Laboratory, we identify possible interactions between drugs you may be already taking, which can limit benefits and possibly cause side effects.

About the AccessDX Medication Management Program
How people metabolize medication affects whether or not they respond to treatment. Knowing how specific medication works in your body may also help your doctors prevent serious side effects while improving the chances of treatment success.

Our enhanced medication management program can often determine how a patient processes medications. By using this information, your doctors can take informed action:

  • Adjust dosages or choose an alternate medication
  • Avoid certain medication that might not work well for you

AccessDx Laboratory’s sophisticated technology uses evidence-based medicine to assist providers with complex or high-risk medication management. For questions about testing, coverage, and payment options, contact us at 217.7652.3950.

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