Mission has always been close to our hearts.

In 1962, Christian Horizons was proudly born out of the needs of the community when church members and leaders came together in faith and mission, inspired by the dream of their senior loved ones aging with dignity. This mission began sixty years ago with just one community – The Christian Village. We’ve now grown to many, serving across the Midwest through innovative senior living solutions and intuitive older adult home-based services.

Over the years, our mission, vision and values have evolved to meet seniors and older adults in the community. As we look toward our next horizon, we see a lot of changes—a new generation of older adults, the Baby Boomers, whose wants, needs and numbers are changing the world of senior living. We’re excited and proud to meet those changing needs head-on and to ensure the services we provide meet the needs of seniors for decades to come.

After months of research, collaboration and teamwork, we’re proud to unveil a new mission, vision and core values that best reflect the work we’re doing now and our work for the future.

Christian Horizons empowers older adults in mind, body and spirit through faith-led service.

We envision people thriving in mind, body and spirit.

F.A.I.T.H.-Led Values:

  • Fun – We foster personalized experiences filled with joy for those we serve.
  • Appreciation – We celebrate God’s distinctive gifts of talent, wisdom and beauty in every individual.
  • Inspiration – We lovingly share Christ’s truth with others.
  • Transparency – We work with openness and accountability.
  • Heart – We serve with passion.

Our new mission is to empower older adults in mind, body and spirit through faith-led service which complements our vision for those we serve to continue thriving. This refreshed focus draws on our nonprofit, faith-based foundations but shifts from primarily serving older adults’ healthcare needs to supporting whole-person wellness through intuitive lifestyle offerings.

And our new faith-led core values meet a new generation of associates. Enhanced benefits, leadership opportunities and career pathing are some of the associate experiences celebrated at Christian Horizons and throughout our communities and services.

We’re thrilled and proud to unveil our new mission, vision and values. Learn more through a special video from president, Jake Bell.